Ancient Rome

In this unit students will take a look at a great civilization that gave us so many things.  The idea of a "Republic" got its beginnings at this time.  Along with the concept of voting, several great figures in history also come from Ancient Rome.  Julius Caesar and Caesar Augustus are just  a few.   The students will complete map work, readings on the foundations of Rome as well as take a look at the daily life of Rome.  Students will also take the time to discuss the ideology differences of Hollywood vs. History by viewing segments of The Gladiator and Ben Hur.


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  • Ancient Roman/Europe Map
  • Reading of Chapter 6
  • Daily Life Activity (Link located below)




Roman Civilization and Cultural Topics links to be used for unit project

  1. Men's Clothing
  2. Women's Clothing
  3. The Roman House
  4. Leisure and Entertainment:  Theatre
  5. Roman Baths and Bathing
  6. Chariot Races
  7. Gladiatorial Games
  8. Roman Food
  9. Legionary Army 1
  10. Legionary Army 2

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