Use the website above to answer the following questions.


  1. Click on War Statistics.  Then click on Death of US soldiers.
  1. How many US soldiers were killed in Action?


  1. What was the total number of US deaths?


  1. Return to  War Statistics click on Total Casualities. 
  1. What was the total of Allied troops killed and ?


  1. What country lost the most men for the Allies?



  1. What was the total number of people killed on both sides?


  1. Return to the main page and click on Trench War.  Scroll down the The Trench System.  Click on Trench System.  After reading that draw a picture of the trench system labeling the following:

- frontline trench          - support trench           - machine gun blockhouse

-artillery                       - barbed wire               - sandbags

-no man’s land

You may want to read up on other parts in this section to help you.


  1. Based on what you read and drew, explain in detail why attacking an army in trenches would be so difficult.  Give at least 3 problems you would face attacking trenches and explain why it would be a problem.


















  1. On this page scroll up to Life in the Trenches, read each of the following parts under that category:

Dysentery, Trench Rats, Lice, Trench foot, Gas Attacks, Waterlogged, Shell Shock, Amputations, Field Punishment #1, Self inflicted wounds.


After reading these write a letter home on  a separate sheet of paper as if you were a soldier serving in the trenches in WWI.  The letter must be at least 1 full page explaining life in the trenches and the hardships, fears, and dangers soldiers faced in WWI.  You must have at least 7 examples of life in the trenches described in detail.  Be sure to write with voice.