Rate each item for how much it describes you, using the following scale.  There are no “right” or “wrong” answers.  This is not a test.  It’s just to learn a little more about yourself.


     0 = Not like me     1 = A little like me     2 = Somewhat I like me      3 = Very Much like me


Word Smart


_____  I like telling stories and jokes.

_____  I read books just for fun.

_____  I am a good speller.

_____  I enjoy word games, such as Scrabble, and word puzzles.

_____  When I am bored, I talk to myself or someone else.


Logic Smart


_____  My favorite class in school is math.

_____  I like to find out how things work.

_____  I like playing games such as checkers or chess.

_____  I enjoy logic puzzles or brain teasers.

_____  When I am bored, I think of things to do that would make sense.


Picture Smart


_____  I like to draw and create things.

_____  In a magazine, I prefer to look at the pictures than read the words.

_____  I enjoy hobbies such as taking pictures or painting.

_____  I like to do jigsaw puzzles.

_____  When I am bored, I doodle on paper or daydream.


Body Smart


_____  My favorite class in school is gym, since I like sports.

_____  In class, I often tap my hands or feet, or play with my pencil.

_____  When learning about something new, I need to pick it up and touch it.

_____  I have trouble sitting still for more than a few minutes at a time.

_____  When I am bored, I need to get up and move around the room.


Music Smart


_____  I enjoy listening to the radio or CD’s.

_____  I like to sing.

_____  I play a musical instrument, or want to learn to play one.

_____  I can easily remember the tunes and beats to many songs.

_____  When I am bored, I like to sing or hum to myself.


People Smart


_____  I get along well with most people.

_____  I like to help teach other students.

_____  I enjoy learning in group activities.

_____  I have many friends.

_____  When I am bored, I usually start talking to other people.


Self Smart


_____  I like to work alone, without anyone bothering me.

_____  I prefer to have only a few close friends.

_____  I know what I am good at, and what I am not so good at.

_____  I like making my own choices, and trust my decisions.

_____  When I am bored, I think about my plans and goals.


Nature Smart


_____  I like to go walking outside and look at the trees and animals.

_____  I have pets, or really want one.

_____  I enjoy collecting things like rocks, sports cards, coins, etc.

_____  I like growing things like plants or vegetables.

_____  When I am bored, I often look out the window at things outside.


Now add the five scores in each of the eight sections, and put these eight totals in the graph on the next page.  This will give you an idea of which “smarts” are especially strong for you (the higher scores), and which are weaker (the lower scores).  There are no right or wrong answers, and therefore there are no “good” or “bad” scores.


When you are finished putting your eight scores on your graph, find the highest three “smarts” for you, and read more about these strengths of yours on the back of the page.